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Open MMPI Room Scheduler >>

You can now book your own time in the studio. Yeah, that's right. You'll need a login username and password. Email Jeff with your first name, last name, preferred email address and the class in which you are current enrolled to get a MMPI Room Scheduler login.

Open MMPI Room Scheduler >>

How Do I Use It: Quick Start Video

NOTE new procedure (3/27/2012): CLICK Add Accessories to add studio spaces! The video will show an old procedure.

How Do I Use It: Words and Picts

  1. Login with your username and password. Quick Tip: if the login seems slow, push the login button again.
  1. Unless you change your default homepage in your profile (under the My Account menu), your opening screen will be the dashboard. Here you will see announcements and a summary of your upcoming reservations.
  1. To book an event, select Bookings under the Schedule menu
  2. If you want to reserve additional rooms, click on the "Add Accessories" link. Then select additional rooms and press done. (While you're there, you can add your microphone choices, too)
  1. Select your end time. NOTE: sessions cannot be longer than 4 hours.
    1. If you want your session to end at 7pm, select 6:59pm.
    2. If you want your session to end at midnight, select 11:59pm.
    3. If you want your session to start on one day and end on the following morning, be sure to change the date and time. The resultant reservation length should make sense. If it says something like -1 days, -18 hours, you don't have the right date setup for your end time.
  2. Title the Reservation
  3. You can preplan your microphone check out by clicking on the "Add" accessories link. The cool thing is the program will tell you if microphones are not available (that they are being used by someone else during the same time slot) when you create your reservation.
    1. Items without an asterisk are available to all students
    2. Items with one asterisk are only available to 400-level students (MMP430, MMP495, etc)
    3. Items with two asterisks are special permission only.
  4. Press the "Create" button.
  5. If there are errors, it will tell you and you will have a chance to correct them. Otherwise, it will say that the reservation was created successfully.
  6. You can edit the reservation by clicking on it in the following places.
    1. On the Booking calendar
    2. On the Upcoming Reservations list on your Dashboard.
    3. On the calendar item on the "My Calendar" found in the Schedule menu
    4. On the calendar item on the "Resource Calendar" found in the Schedule menu
  7. You can delete a reservation by clicking on it (from any place listed on the Edit places above) and pressing the Delete button.

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