My Bloody Wedding

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Bat Attack

This is the story of Doug, a dorky young virgin, who is about to get married to his beautiful bride, Callista, when she becomes possessed and begins eating his friends and family. Now Doug and his best friend, his robot, and a Luchador must team up with a seriously deranged groundskeeper to stop Callista and her demon-possessed bridesmaids before they kill everyone in sight!

I was responsible for Dialogue, Foley, Effects, and the Re-Recording Mix

Completed: Summer 2010

Official Website:

Independent Feature Film. Clothespin Films, LLC.

Starring Patrick Babbitt, Morgan C. Mead, Kyle More, David Fultz. Written by Morgan D. Mead and Morgan C. Mead. Directed by Morgan D. Mead.

More frame shots from the movie.

Soon to be wed Doug (Patrick Babbitt) and his Robot (Nick Timperman) sit around the breakfast table as Doug's mother prepares him a sandwich with no crust.

Robot (Nick Timperman), Luchador (Tristan Ross), Doug (Patrick Babbitt), and Steve (Kyle More) watch helplessly as Clyde (David Fultz) drives a stake into the heart of the Father Price (Joshua Ramsey).

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My Name is Jerry

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Door-to-door salesman, Jerry Arthur’s life is filled with slamming doors and low expectations. The world has lost its attraction. He is a middle-aged divorcee with an unsure and unwanted future, a daughter he has not seen or spoken to in years, a dead-end job and low self-esteem. But one day Jerry stumbles on a group of young people with their futures before them. Their energy and music reminds him that you can influence your life for the better regardless of the past…if you choose to do so.

I was responsible for Dialogue, Foley, Effects, and the Re-Recording Mix.

Starring Doug Jones, Katlyn Carlson, Allison Scagliotti, Catherine Hicks, and Don Stark. Screenplay by David Hamilton. Produced by Roger Smith. Directed by Morgan D. Mead.

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the Alpha and the Mega

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What is a megachurch? Within the world of religion there exists a church so large it houses thousands of people, so popular that it brings in millions of dollars every year, so influential that it can sway a presidential election, and so misunderstood that less than 15% of America knows the truth about the megachurch. Over 1,250 megachurches are spread across the United States and with their growing numbers comes growing opposition to their size, their methods, and their ideology.

“The Alpha and the Mega” explores the megachurch phenomenon with a look at the different types of megachurches, their origins, and of course their opposition.

Find out the real truth about America’s largest churches.

“This was a ground-breaking film looking at the insights of mission from a larger church perspective. Larger churches have resources, structure, independence and volunteers which makes their participation in the future of world mission of both crucial and strategic importance.”

Dr. Peter Brierley

Vision Building

Author of numerous books published by Christian Research

I was responsible for recording the narration.

Completed: Summer 2009

Official Website:

Documentary. Clothespin Films, LLC

Produced by Morgan D. Mead.
Directed by Morgan D. Mead.

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