Pro Tools v12 adds too much content during “initializing library content”

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Problem: This is in the student user area. At some point during the past year and possibly with old versions of pro tools, students saved sessions in the IO Settings folder ( studentUser/Documents/Pro Tools/IO Settings ). When those sessions are deleted, Pro Tools will recognize that they are missing and put them back. So, apparently, Pro Tools keeps a copy of the contents of the /Documents/Pro Tools and re-generates it if something is missing. That’s fine with me for the original Pro Tools stuff but all these extra sessions are slowing down the boot cycle.

Solution: Tried all the normal stuff.

  1. Deleted the entire folder: studentUser/Documents/Pro Tools/. Same result, Pro Tools re-created the content.
  2. Did step 1 plus deleted studentUser/Library/Preferences/com.avid.ProTools.plist. Same result, Pro Tools re-created the content. Didn’t create a new plist; that one must be for PT11.
  3. Did Step 1 plus deleted studentUser/Library/Preferences/Avid/Pro Tools/ (includes Pro Tools Prefs, installedAAXPlugIns, Last Used.pio etc). Same result, Pro Tools re-created the blasted content and the preferences.
  4. Did Step 1 and 3 plus deleted Users/Shared/Pro Tools (includes WaveCache.wfm and Workspace.wksp). Same result, Pro Tools re-created the unsinkable content, the preferences and the cache.
  5. Going to have dig deeper.
  6. Did Step 1 plus deleted studentUser/Library/Caches/com.avid.ProTools (includes Cache.db). Same result, extra content but no new Cache.db. must be for earlier PT.
  7. Did Step 1 plus deleted studentUser/Library/Logs/Avid (includes a bunch of old Pro_Tools_date.dlog files). Same result!
  8. Searched for on the files. Found it in the /Applications/Avid/IO Settings. Deleted all the extra student session content. Solved. Pro Tools did not copy IO settings content to Student/Documents directory.  Should have known there was a global directory in the Applications directory.
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