Unable to list Firewire device

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Studio 5 has a MOTU 828mkII audio interface that connects to the iMac (OS10.8) by Firewire 400. The MOTU Audio Setup application was not finding the interface.


  1. Power cycle the MOTU 828mkII. No change.
  2. Open Apple System Information app and check the Firewire hardware info.
  3. As shown above, the Firewire Bus shows a warning: Unable to list Firewire devices.
  4. Unplug the firewire cable from the back of the iMac and refreshed the System Information (command-R). The warning went away and the Firewire bus listed its specifications.
  5. Bad cable or bad device?
  6. Replaced the cable. warning came back.
  7. Replaced the device with another MOTU 828mk2. Warning went away.
  8. Put the original firewire cable to the replaced MOTU 828mk2. Still no warning.
  9. Conclusion. Good cable, bad device.
A quick google search came up with other possibilities for the warning. Same as above plus, try booting off the OSX Installation DVD. If booting from the DVD fixes the problem, then check for corrupted system preferences.

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Mac OS 10.6.8 three beeps

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Went to update an iMac (12,1) running OS10.6.8. Several minutes into the update, I forgot (don’t remember seeing the option) to do a clean install. I wanted all the old stuff gone so I cancelled the install. When that didn’t happen right away, I did a hard shut down of the computer by holding down the power button. Upon reboot with the 10.8 Mountain Lion disc, the computer keep beeping a slow pattern of three beeps.

I tried to reboot again. No change.

I tried to reboot with 10.7. No change.

I tried to reboot with 10.6. No change.

I tried to firewire target disc to another computer. That was successful. Went to install 10.8. That went fine for a while until the host computer started beeping the dreaded three beep pattern. I then went home for the weekend.

Thinking it might be a RAM issue, I exchanged the RAM. No change.

I ran Disk Warrior. Don’t know why I didn’t think to do this before. It ran successfully and rebuilt the directory. Then, I booted with the 10.6.8 disc. Three beeps.

I then found the original iMac OS X Install DVD (10.6.7). Aha. The computer liked it. System installed. System updated to 10.6.8. Ran update to 10.8. Success.

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Xpand!2 can’t find factory content

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XPand!2 opens without showing a default patch. It can’t find its factory content. In our case, this was due to a upgrade to PT. The previous version knew the content was stored in a Digidesign folder. Now the content was in an Avid folder and XPand!2 is confused.

Hopefully, XPand!2 shows an error message and asks you to browse for the new content.

If not, I’ve had some success initiated a new instrument plug in on another insert. The new instance will show the message.I’ve had some success holding option-control while adding a new plug-in. [[If you open a session that previously had xpand instruments, don't mess with those. Once you add a new one and set the proper location, you can reopen your session and all your previous xpand settings will be restored.]]

Browse for the new location. Applications > Avid > Avid Virtual Instruments > Xpand2

Choose Xpand2 folder.

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