Audio Ease Speakerphone Now in Studio 1

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Speakerphone is a plug-in that allows sounds to be played through various speakers.  Plus, you can add effects and environmental sounds to enhance the soundscape. Here’s a little text from their website.

All the walkie-talkies, distant transistor radios, upstairs TV sets, bullhorns, cell phones and guitar cabinets you’ll ever need. Speakerphone (Mac , Windows, iLok or challenge response) will add dial tones, operators and static, and you can select from a wealth of ambiences on either the caller or receiver’s end.

270 speaker impulse responses powered by Altiverb, 30 Altiverb rooms, 5 gigabyte of ambiences and sound FX, conveniently presented to you in 500 presets.

Check out the video.

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