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Metasynth 4 is now available

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Metasynth Pro 4 (the 24 bit version) is not compatible with Leopard. UI software, the developer, said that they are working on it (and have been for the past year and a half). I installed the Leopard compatible-16 bit version, called Metasynth 4, on workstation ST9.6, 9.7, 9.8, ST4, ST5 and ST8

NOTE:  When you launch Metasynth, the top menu bar and the dock disappear. To see either the top menu or dock,  just mouse over their normal area and wait a few seconds. They will re-appear.


"Wait for it..."


"...there it is"

Additionally, Metasynth pauses on an opening info screen for about five seconds before showing you the main work window.  If you’re the impatient type, just click on the green check mark.

If you don’t know about Metasynth, check out UI Software’s website.

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Mac OS 10.5 now installed on all computers

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All computers now have OS 10.5

Some of my favorite features

  1. Quicklook:  Allow you to preview files without opening their application.  Just click once on the file to select it, then press the space bar.  Find out more here.
  2. File Sharing new features:  Allow us to setup multiple hard drives over the network.
  3. Desktop stacks: Dynamic folders on the dock that allow you to quickly display their contents either by a fan out, grid, or list.

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