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K2600 and the Sustain Pedal

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Problem: The sustain pedal doesn’t sustain. Not for local patches. Doesn’t send MIDI 64 out to PT for soft synths.

Solution: I find the K2600 hard to get around. (And, when I say “hard” I mean “nearly impossible”)  I never did find the page that sets the default setup of the foot switch inputs. Seems like there should be a global setup page somewhere. Sustain is the default for FootSw1 so says the Musicians Guide (not the K2600 reference guide). Or course that wasn’t working. I did find a foot switch setup page under the Setup edit page but that seemed to be for the song sequencer.

What finally worked was doing a hard reset. (the soft reset didn’t do it). Go to the Master2 page from the Master1 page.  Here you can turn on/off the vocoder and do a hard reset. I would have never found it without the manual.  Originally, I thought the “Reset” soft switch on that page had something to do with the vocoder.  Nope, its a hard reset for the entire synth.

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