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DVI extended to SHA and SHB

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If you look closely, Trevor and I installed DVI connectors in Soundhouse A (SHA) and SHB. The second DVI output of the Mac goes to a DVI distribution amplifier. From there the video is split to go out to the LCD display in studio 1 and the two DVI connectors in SHA and SHB.

What’s the big deal, right? This allows anything displayed on the secondary monitor in the control room to also be broadcast to the soundhouses. One good application would be for audio post production. Put the Pro Tools movie window on the secondary display and now the musicians can follow along in the soundhouse as the music is scored to picture. Or actors can do dialog replacement. Or foley can be recorded to picture. Or, …you get it.  Just don’t plug in a DVI display while the computer is running.

Our only trouble with the installation was being careful not to get the high resolution DVI cable stuck in the conduit. The DVI connector barely fit inside the 2 inch rigid conduit. Trevor gently pulled while I feed the cable into the conduit. When we hit a snag, I would pull back the cable a little,  gently twist it and Trevor would continue the pull.  For the record, the picture below is Trevor pulling cat5 cable for a USB extension system in studio 1.  We pulled the DVI cables later that day.


Trevor Frohberg using fish tape to pull cable in the North Machine Room


Final Result. Plasma in Soundhouse A

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MIDI I/O not working? Check the Audio MIDI setup

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MIDI interface is not online.

MIDI interface is not online.

Looking at the MIDI window of the Audio MIDI Setup (which, by the way, is an application located in a “Utilities” folder within the “Applications” folder; an alias might also be in your dock), you might notice that the MIDI interface is a lighter shade than normal.  This means that the mac knows that it was once there but today its not sensing its presence.

Closer observation of the MIDI I/O in the machine room shows that its power light is on but the ‘online’ light is off.

Here’s what I normally do in this scenario.

  1. Hold down the “Panic/Reset” button on the MIDI I/O until the “online” light illuminates. You will also see a light show from the other LEDs on the box.  This announces the unit restart.
  2. Hit the “Rescan MIDI” button in the Audio MIDI Setup app.  If the unit still doesn’t fully appear, then try step three
  3. Find the USB cable connecting the MIDI I/O to the computer. Unplug it, then plug it back in. This jolts the computer into rescanning its USB port.  This normally solves the problem.  If not, tell Jeff all about it.

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Pro Tools Can’t Find D-Control….

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One of the disadvantages of having your own home directory that moves from studio to studio is that your preferences also move with you.  So if you setup the console in studio one and then move to studio two, Digidesign’s Ethernet controller preferences are going to try to find the console in studio one.

Problem: After launching ProTools, it says that it can’t communicated with the console.

PT_Cant find D-Control

Solution: Setup the Ethernet Controller

  1. Press OK to acknowledge the message
  2. Open the “Peripherals…” setup dialog box from the Setup menu
  3. PT_Setup Menu

  4. Click on the “Ethernet Controllers” tab.
  5. Uncheck the “Enable” box for the Ethernet Port
  6. Re-Check the “Enable” box for the Ethernet Port. This will make Pro Tools scan the port.
  7. PT_scan ethernet port

  8. After the scan, make sure “en1″ is selected as the Ethernet port.  If not, choose “en1″ from the drop down menu.  Pro Tools will re-scan the port.
  9. Hopefully, when you click on the drop down menu next to numbered list, the Ethernet units appear in the list. (if not go to next step). Choose units as physically configured from left to right. So, in ST1, #1 is “Fader 1″, #2 is “Fader 2″, #3 is “D-Main”, #4 is “Fader 3″ and #5 is “Fader 4″. In ST2, #1 is “Fader 1″, #2 is “D-Main”, #3 is “Fader 2″.
  10. PT_Ethernet controllers

  11. If the units do not appear, make sure you are using “en1″ as the ethernet port.  If not change to “en1″. If so, go to next step
  12. Un-check the “Enable” box.  Walk to the back of the D-Control and turn off each unit.  The switch is under the power cord connection. Then, turn on each unit. Re-check the “Enable” box and have Pro Tools re-scan the port.  This works 99% of the time.  The other 1%, see Jeff.

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