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Pro Tools Can’t Find D-Control….

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One of the disadvantages of having your own home directory that moves from studio to studio is that your preferences also move with you.  So if you setup the console in studio one and then move to studio two, Digidesign’s Ethernet controller preferences are going to try to find the console in studio one.

Problem: After launching ProTools, it says that it can’t communicated with the console.

PT_Cant find D-Control

Solution: Setup the Ethernet Controller

  1. Press OK to acknowledge the message
  2. Open the “Peripherals…” setup dialog box from the Setup menu
  3. PT_Setup Menu

  4. Click on the “Ethernet Controllers” tab.
  5. Uncheck the “Enable” box for the Ethernet Port
  6. Re-Check the “Enable” box for the Ethernet Port. This will make Pro Tools scan the port.
  7. PT_scan ethernet port

  8. After the scan, make sure “en1″ is selected as the Ethernet port.  If not, choose “en1″ from the drop down menu.  Pro Tools will re-scan the port.
  9. Hopefully, when you click on the drop down menu next to numbered list, the Ethernet units appear in the list. (if not go to next step). Choose units as physically configured from left to right. So, in ST1, #1 is “Fader 1″, #2 is “Fader 2″, #3 is “D-Main”, #4 is “Fader 3″ and #5 is “Fader 4″. In ST2, #1 is “Fader 1″, #2 is “D-Main”, #3 is “Fader 2″.
  10. PT_Ethernet controllers

  11. If the units do not appear, make sure you are using “en1″ as the ethernet port.  If not change to “en1″. If so, go to next step
  12. Un-check the “Enable” box.  Walk to the back of the D-Control and turn off each unit.  The switch is under the power cord connection. Then, turn on each unit. Re-check the “Enable” box and have Pro Tools re-scan the port.  This works 99% of the time.  The other 1%, see Jeff.

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Studio 2 now has a 20″ Cinema Display

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Out with the temporary Gateway display and in with the 20″ Apple Cinema Display.


In the past, one of our Apple reps always questioned us every time he visited the studios, “Why aren’t you using Apple displays [on the D-Controls]?”  And, every time we would say, “because we need DVI for the long cable runs.”  Since the Samsung blew up and I happened to have an Apple display on hand, now was the time to change out the monitor.  Just needed a $26 VESA mount adapter plate and a $38 DVI-to-DVI adapter to make it all happen.

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