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C|24 talkback, No signal — just Noise

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Problem: Digidesign C|24 control surface has a microphone embedded into the meter bridge for talkback applications. When I would push the talkback button and turn up the talkback gain, all I would hear was white noise through the C|24 Cue outputs.

Solution: In my case, all my wiring was correct (yeah), however, the external talkback microphone was enabled.

  1. Press the Utility switch
  2. Press “Preferences”
  3. Press “Talkback”
  4. Press “Off” for Ext TB Mic”

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New Studio 8 audio routing.

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The Mackie Onyx console is freaking out.  Until we get it fixed, I thought of another way to work in the studio.  Use the Digidesign 003.

  1. Patch the Digidesign 003 Main outs (top row) to the subwoofer L,R inputs (bottom row).
  2. Select Digidesign HW as your audio output in the application
  3. OR –> select Built-in Line Output in the Apple System Preferences and push the “Aux In” (light on) on the 003

  4. Turn the “Monitor” knob on 003 to adjust overall volume

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