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Problem: Printing error from 10.5.8 to HP LaserJet 5200dtn

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Solution: I don’t know what spool area the error message is referring. Is this the computer /var/spool area?  Or, does the HP have a spool area?  I’m thinking it might be an HP problem since it is happening from multiple computers. But, then again, most of our computers have similar setups.

What I tried: Update HP LaserJet 5200dtn firmware from 08.060.1 to 08.061.2 (had to use terminal–read the readme).  This seems to be doing the trick.  I’m going to keep an eye on it.

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Finale Lost Authorization.

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Problem: Finale 2008 lost its authorization. If you tried to re-authorize, the MakeMusic server would not allow because we already allocated all seats of our site license.

Solution: Evidently a known problem with the Mac 10.5.7 update. Finale has a patch fix.

Run the patch. Restart. Problem solved on some machines. I’m contacting customer support for the others.

Now if I could get Finale to not crash every time you quit the program.  Not a huge problem as you are trying to close it out anyway, but it just seems wrong.  Applications should quit without crash issues.

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Not all Kontakt samples available to student user

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Problem: Some instruments load, some are missing samples.  If you navigate to computer folder using Kontakt database, the samples aren’t shown.

Solution: It works fine in admin account. Turns out some samples do not grant read and execute for “everyone”. I went ahead and changed permission for the entire loops and samples folder. chmod -R o+rx /Loops and Samples/

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