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Connect to MusicTech server from off-campus

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The musictech server does not have a public IP address. Meaning….. you cannot connect to the server when you are outside BSU’s local area network. To connect, you must first sign in using virtual private network (VPN) software.  This authenticates you and encrypts communication between your computer and BSU’s services.

Here’s BSU’s site explaining the whole process. Basically, you download the VPN software specific to your computer’s operating system.  Install.  Run. Use preset to connect.  And, you’re IN.  Stay connected while you connect to the musictech server.  Note: On a mac, you’ll want to use the “connect to server…” or CMD-k method.  When you are done, disconnect from the musictech server, then disconnect the VPN connection.

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Connect to MusicTech server from WindowsXP

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Connect from an on-campus Window XP computer by easiest way I know how.

  1. Click on the Start menu and select “My Computer”
  2. Click on “My Network Places” in the left sidebar
  3. Type \  in the address bar
  4. xp_login
  5. A login dialog box will appear asking for your User name and password. Enter your username and password.
  6. Click “OK”
  7. A list of folders will appear in the “My Network Places” window.  Double-Click on the one that has your username.

To disconnect:

Log out of windows.  I don’t know any other way.

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How to connect to the MusicTech server

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In the Finder window, choose “All…” under SHARED (left-hand sidebar), then click on musictechxserve.  Your local computer will attempt to connect to the server, but will most likely fail because it is using the wrong username and password. Click on the “Connect As…” button to enter your username and password. If musictechxserve does not appear in the list, then go to the “Go” menu at the top of the screen and select “connect to server.”  Type in  NOTE:  This only works if you are on campus or have a VPN connection. For windows XP users see this blog entry. For Window Vista users see this blog entry. Plus, you might need the IP address if the address doesn’t work.  See Jeff for the IP address.
network_all1 connect-to-server
Add your username and password. To change your password, select the action drop menu (looks like a gear).


Once connected, the finder window will display the folders in which you have permission to see. I would suggest storing your files in either the Desktop, Documents, Movies, Music, or Pictures folders because no one else has permission to see inside these folders.


To disconnect from the server. Choose from several different options.  You can disconnect individual folders by clicking on the eject symbol next to the folder name.  Or, click on the folder and choose eject from the Finder file menu.  Or, press the Disconnect button.  Or, click on the eject symbol next to the volume name in the sidebar (shown below left). Or, drag the connected volume to the trash on the dock.  The trash can will turn into a giant eject symbol (shown below right).

server-eject1 server-eject2

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