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Logout due to inactivity

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Problem: Start recording for a concert and leave the computer alone during the concert. After 60 minutes the computer attempts to logout, thus stopping the recording as well.

Solution: Turn off “Log out after 60 minutes of inactivity” in the Security system preferences.

This solution eluded me because I forgot it was there. I’m wondering if this was a default setting for 10.4. On other network machines, I control the logout via the server. This machine, while on the network, was not setup to follow the server. It was messing up all on its own.

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No more noise in Central Recording Services.

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Problem: When the intercom is powered up, the CRS speakers emit a motorboating-type of noise. The speakers are cabled via the patchbay.  The noise is the loudest when the console is off. I made a recording if you want to hear it. Also a few intercom lines contribute the most to the noise (17, 18, and 20). When they are unplugged the noise diminishes significantly.

patchbay groundSolution: First I wanted to test the lines from the intercom to each respecting digital keystation.  This is a 9-pin D-sub connector on one end of the cable and a RJ45 on the other.  That wasn’t an easy test with the equipment that I have so I decided to go looking in a different direction.  I wondered about the patchbay grounding. The intercom doesn’t go through the bay but the speakers do. Plus most of the intercom cable runs near the bays. Each bay had a ground hook-up wire attached and each hook-up wire terminated to the other bays by spade lug on a equipment rack rail. However, the rail was not grounded.  I decided to ground the rail back to the console. This is done with a 14 guage hook-up wire to a screw on the console (see picture). Ta-da. No more noise.

[Edit.  Did a live sound event yesterday (8.2.09) and I still have noise from the digital intercom system at the live sound console.  Well, nothing is easy. I'll update the post when I find a solution.]

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