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Screen Shot in Windows

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Problem: If you are on a windows machine and you want to take a picture of the screen, just hit the Print Screen key.  Windows will then save the image in memory so that you can paste it in an email or a program like Paint.  But, what if you are on a mac laptop running Windows via boot camp.  There’s no Print Screen key on a mac laptop keyboard! [on an external mac keyboard, try F14]

Solution: I haven’t figured out any keyboard shortcut keys in WindowsXP so, one solution would be to use the On-Screen keyboard (Accessories > Accessibility > On-Screen Keyboard).  This has a print screen key (labeled psc — next to F12)


This works great for static captures but there’s no way to capture me showing a pull down window because you have to use your mouse to click on the psc key.  Can’t mouse two things at once.

I found a free third party solution from They have a program called ScreenHunter 1.5 Free.  After some trial and error, I got the hang of it.

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Restart to Mac from WindowsXP Boot in Boot Camp

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This tip comes from Giovanni Rozzi.  I was having trouble logging out and/or shutting down my windows boot on my mac laptop. As it turns out, it was a program in the background that was holding up the process.  Gio showed me an alternative way to reboot to the mac OS by using the little control panel icons in the lower right hand corner.  You click your mouse on the black diamond shape icon (if you hover long enough, it will tell you that its for boot camp). Up pops a menu with the following options.


Thanks Gio!

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Connect to MusicTech Server from Windows Vista

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You can connect to the musicTech server from Windows Vista. Its works similar to Windows XP.

  1. Go to Start Menu>click on “Network”.  This opens the Network folder
  2. start_vista
  3. Type \ into address field. Press Return.
  4. network_vista
  5. A connect to dialog box will appear. Type in your username and password. Press OK
  6. userarea_vista
  7. You will see many folders.  Double-click on the one you want to enter.  If you want to save files to your account, find the one with your username.

To Disconnect: Log out of windows.  I don’t know of any other way.

I did this on a machine running Windows Vista Enterprise.  If you run into trouble, you might need to change Windows Vista’s Local Security Policy.  Check out this article for more info. I didn’t need to change it.

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